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Some of our clients have company policies that do not allow them to endorse any of their providers. These clients are happy to provide verbal references. Please contact us for details.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Wellnomics® is a world leader in providing software solutions for office health & safety. With over 1 million users of our products worldwide, customers choose us because they want the best advice available.

With an extensive knowledge covering best practice, legislative requirements and the latest research in ergonomics, Nicola Green has provided significant support to Wellnomics in achieving this position. In our experience Nicola's expertise matches that of top international ergonomists.

Nicola has translated this expertise into extensive materials for our international customers covering ergonomics, workplace health and safety, injury prevention and injury management. These materials have been used by our customers in implementing new injury prevention strategies into their organisations.

I would recommend Nicola as both an excellent person to work with and a professional at the top of her field.

Dr Kevin Taylor (BE PhD)
Managing Director
Wellnomics Ltd

I called Nicola asking for some help with some training in lifting techniques with our warehouse staff. I soon learnt that there was so much more we needed assistance with. Nicola assisted us with an ergonomics analysis which helped us improve our work processes including changing some of the way we did things, improved use of equipment, early reporting of problems and injury management and training. Then we moved on to our office staff.

With a number of staff having issues with either sitting for long periods at their workstations or sitting in cars, Nicola helped sort out the issues that they were having and prevented them from getting worse with worksite assessments and training in work techniques and self-management. It was often that our employee had developed habits that needed to be changed. This service meant that we didn’t have any long term ACC issues or claims. The biggest plus was that the staff felt that we were taking any problems they were having seriously and acting on it. We implemented the recommendations and the expectation was that the employee would do the same.

The team at Ergonomics, Work & Health Ltd is all fantastic. I would recommend to any employer that they should use this service as it will save money, increase productivity and increase staff satisfaction.

Mark Eager
General Manager, Mobile Surgical Services
Previous South Island Manager of a large office supply company

We first used the services of Tina McCormack, Occupational Health Physiotherapist from Ergonomics, Work & Health Ltd in August 2007. Each staff member had their work station analysed for comfort, lighting, distance/height of screens, and any physical discomfort suffered by staff was discussed and suggestions offered. Many of the issues were resolved on the spot by Tina and if there were any outstanding issues a full report was sent by Tina with options for correction of the problems.

We have used this company each time a new staff member starts and also if an existing staff member moves his/her work station. The staff, as a whole, agree that this service is beneficial to their comfort and well being. As new staff members join our rapidly expanding company we will not hesitate to use the services of this excellent company and in particular Tina McCormack.

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