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discomfort at work

Make staff healthier and more productive with effective training

Our training can be used for a variety of purposes including


We have extensive experience in providing workplace education and training.

This includes training in

  • Preventing and managing discomfort, pain and injury in the workplace
  • Workstation set-up and VDU use
  • Manual handling
  • Work technique training
  • Health and safety systems and processes e.g. early reporting processes, understanding ACC forms and return to work planning
  • Preventing and managing stress and fatigue
  • Warm up exercises for work

We provide training for

  • Staff
  • Managers
  • Health and Safety committees
  • Health and Safety representatives

Our training is consistently rated highly by participants.

Some comments provided recently from evaluation of our training include:

‘Very interesting and useful presentation’

‘Presenter was great’

From a Christchurch accounting company

‘Very knowledgeable presenter and easy to listen to, kept interest up throughout’


‘Tina explained everything very clearly and made the information relevant to the people present’

From a Christchurch manufacturing company