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Need help back from injury?

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Clear communication to achieve goals

Providing opportunities for an early return to work is important to manage injuries for

  • Minimising cost of absenteeism
  • Minimising cost of other staff ‘filling in’ or temps being employed
  • Minimising the chance of long term disability
  • Holding onto staff
  • Showing staff how much you value them
  • Avoiding recruiting and training costs
  • Meeting legal compliance
  • Being socially responsible

Return to work planning

We can add significant value to the return to work process by

  • Quickly establishing good and open communication with employers, employees, ACC or third party administrators (e.g. WellNZ, CRM, Care Advantage) and other providers to get a successful outcome
  • Using our health professional skills to ‘talk the same language’ as doctors, specialists and other providers and then explain in clear terms to the employee and the workplace what the situation is.
  • Understanding medical certificates and explaining these
  • Setting up return to work plans with clear time frames and review dates based on
    • the current capacity of the employee
    • expected recovery of the problem
    • assessment of the worksite
    • assessment of alternative duties
    • communication with medical providers
    • specifications provided in medical certificates
  • Providing recommendations for improving work processes, techniques, equipment etc to facilitate a return to work and for injury prevention
  • Providing practical advice for self-management to the person involved
  • Keeping in contact with all parties throughout the process