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Is medical jargon gobble-de-gook?

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We can translate!

Injury management is an important part of any workplace health and system.

It is important to support injured staff at work or to return to work safely as soon as possible in order to

  • Reduce lost time
  • Hold onto staff
  • Avoid recruiting and training costs
  • Be legally compliant
  • Be socially responsible

Injury management

The aim of good health and safety systems is to minimise the chance of injuries happening but if injuries do occur it is important to support injured staff.

We are able to provide assistance

  • To establish practical and effective injury management policy and processes
  • In providing advice for the best management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  • With liaison with doctors, specialists and other health providers to help ‘translate’ medical language to what it means for you in the workplace
  • With helping staff return to work.