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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell furniture?

No! We may make recommendations for specific equipment but we do not sell furniture or equipment.

Do you work for someone selling furniture?

No! We do not work for anyone who sells furniture or equipment. The recommendations we make for furniture and equipment are usually generally available. We can assist by providing a potential source for the equipment we recommend or work with your supplier to source what is required.

Do you charge for travel?

We charge for the time of travel from the Christchurch CBD to your location at half our hourly rate and $0.62 / km for the travel distance. For workplaces outside of the Christchurch area please contact us to discuss.

Have you got Insurance?

We have individual member Professional and Public Liability Insurance with Vero Liability Insurance Ltd as part of a group policy through the NZ Society of Physiotherapists.

Do you work for ACC?

Currently we do not hold any vocational contracts with ACC. If you are an employer that is not in the ACC Partnership Program and wish to access services (e.g. worksite assessments) in relation to a specific injury claim please contact ACC. If you wishing to access services not through your insurance with ACC, please contact us. Currently Nicola Green has a contract to provide consultancy services as required to present the Discomfort, Pain and Injury program for ACC Injury Prevention.

Will ACC pay for it?

No. See above.

Do you do lifting training?

Kind of. Research evidence clearly shows that manual handling or lifting training does not reduce or prevent injuries. What we can provide is a comprehensive assessment of your workplace to provide recommendations to assist in preventing manual handling injuries. Often as part of this we provide training in the principles of safe manual handling, optimal techniques, early reporting of hazards and near misses.

What are the best mouse/keyboards/ chairs?

It depends. Typically standard equipment is satisfactory as long as the user has optimal techniques, including work-rest schedules, when using them. Sometimes individuals have special needs due to their anthropometrics (the measurements of parts of humans e.g. height, hand length), previous injuries or specific work tasks. We provide pragmatic recommendations for equipment based on our assessments.

Are you OT’s?

No, we are occupational health physiotherapists. We are registered physiotherapists with post-graduate qualifications in occupational health and ergonomics. ‘OTs’ are occupational therapists and may also provide vocational services from a different professional background.

Will getting you in to see someone make everyone report a problem?

Typically, using our services to assist people in your workplace shows that you value your staff and are promoting a healthy working environment. Sometimes our presence encourages others to report issues, this is usually positive since you then become aware of issues before they begin to affect performance or result in an injury claim.

The GP keeps signing them off work. Can you help with this?

If we are involved with the rehabilitation of an individual and have their consent to communicate with their health providers then we are able to help with this. Sometimes it is simply making the GP aware of the physical requirements of the job or of alternative duties available that are within the individual’s physical capacity.

Do you only do offices?

No, we provide services in any industry or setting. We have experience in a wide range of settings including health care, manufacturing, farming and public service. We also have vast experience in the office setting.

How long do assessments take?

It depends on the nature of the work environment, the tasks involved and the brief of the work. In an office environment a comprehensive assessment for an individual may take one to one and a half hours, a ‘checklist’ type assessment 30 to 40 minutes. In an industrial setting an assessment for an individual may take between one and two hours. An ergonomics analysis project may be staged over several weeks.

Do we get a report?

Yes. We provide written reports for all work unless otherwise requested. The reports are sent electronically unless requested. Findings and recommendations following individual assessments are communicated verbally on the day of assessment where possible. Larger ergonomics projects include a comprehensive report which is also presented verbally. For training sessions we provide a report summarising the evaluations of the participants.

We have ideas about how things could be improved but need some help to justify the expense. Can you help?

Yes, we are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of the workplace or area in questions, including hazard and risk assessment with information and recommendations that can be used for a cost-benefit analysis. Please note that the recommendations we provide will be based on our assessment of the workplace, current research and best practice guidelines and may not necessarily exactly match your initial intentions.